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Assessment 2

Free Online Assessment.

Question 1

You must be a member of an MA/SCB affiliated club to apply for an MA licence?

Question 2

To enter MA events you need safety clothing and equipment. Mark at least four items of safety clothing and equipment needed for competition:

Question 3

Mark at least five items that may be checked on your motorcycle at scrutineering from those listed below:

Question 4

All riders need to attend the Riders’ Briefing.

Question 5

Which official has the supreme control at a race meeting?

Question 6

What does a yellow flag waved during a race mean?

Question 7

What should you do when you see a red flag displayed?

Question 8

A green flag waved means:

Question 9

A black and white chequered flag means:

Question 10

Ball ends must be on handlebar levers and handlebar ends must be plugged.

Question 11

Noise limits don’t apply for machines at motorcycle events

Question 12

A Steward can order that any machine be impounded for examination

Question 13

If your parent/guardian says your bike is OK, it doesn’t need to be scrutineered

Question 14

How long does your licence remain valid after it is issued to you?

Question 15

Your machines’ throttle needs to be self-closing:

Question 16

You must have a current ambulance subscription to be eligible to apply for an MA licence

Question 17

You can lodge a protest with the following Official:

Question 18

A competitor is responsible for the behaviour of their pit crew, manager, mechanic, and parent/guardian

Question 19

You need to present your competition licence when you enter an event:

Question 20

Which of the following do you send your competition licence to?

Question 21

Who does MA’s Member Protection Policy apply to?

Question 22

You don’t need an MA licence to participate in competition events:

Question 23

If a participant is under 18, who can sign their entry forms?

Question 24

A competitor can be excluded from competition by the Steward or Clerk of Course for foul, unfair, or dangerous riding and/or conduct:

Question 25

An insurance permit must be issued for an event to be covered by insurance:

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