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Reachable Reality

I know that this life I strive for isn't anywhere near the normal life of your average teenager.

Since I've started living my life with the Twist it Moto business behind me I've been trying exceed my own expectations of a healthy dedicated hardworking role model for people to look up to. Whilst doing this, I am also trying to currently finish my apprenticeship as a full time Mechanical Engineer. Although I have one dream, and my heart will always remain set on a future career doing what I love with my business (Twist it Moto).

I'm going to make that dream a reality.

I learnt at the age of 15 that by not doing the things everyone else did or does and separating myself from this pattern of a common "normal" lifestyle was the best thing I could have possibly ever done for myself. For the purpose of a commitment to doing my own thing, this has not only proven to me but also made me realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and commit yourself as best you can. To do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality, because anything is possible if want it bad enough.

There is so many people (young teens especially) that are out there acting like sheep. They follow each other not necessarily in groups or crowds, but they do what they all think is normal within a relatively similar lifestyle. This causes them to not actually accomplishing much in this early stage of their lives for whatever reasons. At such a young age most teens don't understand the importance of preparation and the amount of dedication that is needed to pursue something that they want in life.

Some can't help it but for most this is by choice. For those majority this ends up being a choice, who then end up being around the same success rate as each other. Some better off than others, but not by much. Most end up with the same dead-end jobs. For most when they reach adulthood they finally realise they need to start that preparation in their careers. For some it’s too late, and they have very little opportunity to do something about it. As a result, most people aren’t really doing what they love for a living. Most hate what they do for a day to day job.

For those adults who are in those situations already, most are searching for that light of new opportunity right now. Some struggling to make ends meet in many areas. Especially due to getting to the point in their life now where they are only just realising where they should, and what they could have been doing in order to pursue their now sighted visions for their end goal.

Yes of course it's never too late to pursue or have a go at something different. Although when you have all the big adulthood commitments in your life whilst trying to look for that light at the end of the tunnel, everything just seems to be that little bit harder to commit to without failure to give in. At least without it being a massive gambling risk in another area and it affecting something established already in your life (family, income, job, kids, house etc).

At such a young age, I’ve come to realise with a lot of searching for my own answers of success before my time of heavy commitments (apart from my girlfriend, job, family and racing), that yes, all these kinds of things; mucking up in school, partying, mucking around and socialising excessively and doing what most late teens do all seemed like a normal thing at the time for most teenagers.... and they were don't get me wrong. However, there is a very fine line between what's going to restrict your commitments to getting what you want in life and getting where you want to be from what might even set you back.

To be successful in reaching your goals, creating your dreams, and carrying this into your adulthood for further progression from such a young age, just makes the odds of achieving where you want to be that little bit better and easier for yourself. Especially being so dedicated, enthusiastic, and keeping your eyes on the prize with no major distractions getting in the way.

I don't care if it takes me years and years of hard work and commitment. I don't care what people say or think. I'm gonna make it happen for me.

The backing and support from friends, family, sponsors, as well as the many new people you come across along the way, all take a part in filling this fairy tale.

Not only this, but to be able to find a life time partner in crime (my girlfriend) within this journey, who is genuinely interested in helping, supporting and bringing me up when things are down. It’s a blessing in itself. Be grateful for them all, and aspire to pay them all back along the way as best you can, and especially when you reach your peak. ‘Remember where home is as they say.’

Things might seem tough at times. You make mistakes, run poor of time, money, resources and more. People talk negative, you (Left) Gavin’s partner and GM of TIM lose some, you gain some, most for the better (you’ll always have haters). But because it's not what everyone else would refer to as being a realistic dream or a normal lifestyle, all these things add up and are one of the hardest to learn to overcome in order to keep trying to pursue all the way to the end. You come across the rough patches of ups and downs. Live and learn from those experiences that you come across as well as mistakes from other people that you might see along the way. Push past those that try to stop you in your tracks. Experience the opportunities that may or may not add value to you or your knowledge. Always remember to hold your head high.

Things do start to continue moving forward, and you get back on track. But the most Important thing is, to never give up.

My advice to those teens that have a hunger for success just the same as I do.

In preparation to beginning your journey to reach your goals and to make all your dreams come true. Yes, you may feel different to the rest and feel like you’re missing out at times. But if your committed, don’t let this deter you away from making those dreams a reality. Just remember, the earlier you set yourself out to work towards something you want and make those sacrifices that

you need to take in order to get it done. The better to get your head

start on life. No matter what you

do, it's all about the preparation. The earlier the better.

Less commitments, no children, and the ideas are bright and fresh in your head. Believe in yourself and make it happen. All for the better, for future preparation to make your visions a more appealing reality for your dreams to come true.

(Left) Gavin’s Dad Les. (Middle) Gavin (Right) Gavin’s Mum Kathy

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