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2024 Ride Safe Charity Ride Day

For the past two years, we have run the #RideSafe Charity Ride Day to support Youth Insearch as our mission to help youth find a better pathway, and show them the safe and correct ways of doing positive and engaging activities as we display on the day such as; motocross riding, BMX, and other social activities. 

Youth that have previously been involved in crime, illegal acts (in particular & relation to dirtbikes there is a lot of theft and illegal riding), and other scenarios have been built up from factors of Youth Insearch’s principal target for at-risk young people aged 12 to 25. These can be in correlation to;

Parent and adolescent relationship issues

Family conflict, dysfunction or separation



Domestic violence

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction

Sexual, physical or emotional abuse

Grief and loss

Self-harm or suicidal ideation


Gender and sexual identity

Low self-esteem

Recognising that at-risk young people have diverse needs and multiple problems, the Youth Insearch program takes a holistic approach dealing with a wide range of issues, with a focus on strengths and well-being.

How we promote: We promote with a coaching activity for social media influencers who have never rode bikes before. As we demonstrate their use of the correct safety equipment, and hired bikes thanks to Ipswich Dirtbike Hire, they are learning with coaching provided by Twist it Moto, at a safe recreational ride park venue called Willowbankmx. We will be displaying the correct safety and use for this activity in a safe environment given the correct guidance. With safety words of encouragement from a representative of the Ipswich QLD Police will attend to assist our efforts. All of this is promoted across the influencers social media platforms through out the day as we continue to provide an awesome amount of fun activities, socialising, relay races, and raising funds towards youth programs. 

How we fundraise: Participants and MX riders create a profile through the link (last years link please do not donate to this link closed off after 2023 event.) and gather donations from family, friends, and supporters. Riders that are participating in the relay fundraiser will need to turn their profiles into teams of 2-6. They can then also decide to find sponsors who are willing to pledge a per lap amount for their relay, or add to their donated amount on their profiles.

Other activities:

•Bouncy castle

•Face paint 

•FMX & BMX (possibly)

•Food & drink 

•Blow up pools

•Raffles (all proceeds donated)

•110 mini bike racing 

•MX Relays

& more…

The return for this annual event would likely be held around Saturday November 2nd in 2024 at Willowbankmx with the possibility of camping to be available. We hope to double the raised amount for 2024 ( from last years $4460 total) and increased participation with the camping making travel a weekend worth while for those traveling.

We would love to see everyone's attendance again and to be able to work along side Youth Insearch, Willowbankmx, Ipswichdirtbikehire, Queensland Police, and all our amazing sponsors, and volunteers to continue our annual event.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!  

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