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Our coaching caters for all

Our coaching caters for all ages, genders, and ability levels. We offer a fun and safe environment for you to refine your skills and gain extra knowledge on how to ride safer, smarter and faster (to your own ability). 

Coaching Sessions & Clinics



Our one-on-one coaching guarantees the attention that riders require to pinpoint their individual needs. This helps them to adjust the finer skills of their riding to improve their ability without the pressure of the other riders. 



The small group coaching is a great option and has a very similar result to the one on one. If the one on one isn't suitable for you, this may be the better choice for some fun with a sibling or friend. This gives the riders a chance to challenge and push between each other's strengths and weaknesses.

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The coaching clinics are a real value option. Although the riders do not get the same individual attention to their own specific needs as they would in the one on one, or small group coaching, the coaches still offer fantastic expertise and coaching skills to benefit the riding of all participants. The coaching clinics are guaranteed to be an experience to remember with many techniques and tips to be learned along with some fun games to top things off. 

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Kickstart Program

7 Years and older can participate in either Recreational OR Competition Activities in Australia.
Recreational activities– allow you to participate in Non-Competitive events. i.e. Practice Days, Trail Rides, Coaching and Demo class (at motocross events – until age 9).
Competitive activities– allows you to compete in National, State, Club and Non-Competitive events.


How do I get involved in Recreational Riding?

Step 1: Check out your local club – Locate your local club

Step 2: Purchase a ‘Mini’ licence through Ridernet

Step 3: Check out the state calendar for events and ride!

How do I get involved in Competition Riding?

Step 1: Join a club – Locate your local club

Step 2: Download a Kick Start Book

Step 3: Contact your local club and organise to attend a Kick Start Day

Step 4: Attend the Kick Start Day and complete Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 with the coach which can be found on page 24-28 of the Kick Start Booklet

Step 5: Purchase a ‘Junior National’ or ‘Junior Restricted’ licence through Ridernet. More information on the type of licence you require can be found on Ridernet

Step 6: Check out the state Calendar for events and ride!

Contact us by phone or email:


Make the changes you need to improve on your skills, technique, confidence, and speed by sending us a 1-4 minute long video of your riding. Get feedback on technique adjustments and skill-based drills that can help you develop your riding.

How it works?  

  1. Film a 1-4 minute raw film (no edits) of the rider NO BACKGROUND MUSIC.  

  2. Upload the film to us (ensure that the film is not blurry so that one of our coaches to be able to assess the rider properly).

  3. Provide us with the details of the riders below.

  4. Provide us below with your email address. 

  5. We will have one of our Twist it Moto, Motorcycling Western Australian, and AMA accredited coaches assess your riding within the film you have provided us within the next 7 days.

  6. You will then receive an email response with the constructive changes that you can implement into your riding! These things may improve rider technique, safety, drills and skills that you may be able to try. All of which, will increase the rider's confidence to then gradually improve speed in accordance with their own comfort on the bike. 


How to share your film with us
Send us an email

Or send footage via a file sharing link below

Rider Details


Thanks for submitting!

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