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2023 Ride Safe Charity Event

Dirt bike rider fatalities on our roads are at the highest they have been in over 5 years.

To assist with getting dirtbike riders off the streets and into a safe environment we have created the “Ride Safe” package with the collaboration of Ipswich Dirtbike hire, Willowbank MX park, and Gavin Heggs our Motorcycling Australian Accredited coach from Twist it Moto.

To promote this package and get the word out about safe riding in a safe environment, we have created a day event on the 25th of March 2023 at Willowbankmx that will be encouraged by local reality tv celebrities, and Instagram model influencers with 10k plus followers each on their platforms. These individuals have never ridden a dirtbike before and will be a prime example of how to learn/ ride in a safe environment.

On top of all of this, we are also organizing a fundraiser challenge for the day for other riders to join a charity fundraiser relay, supported by Fund My Challenge. VIP set up for meet and greets, and other entertainment including; mini bike challenges, food vans, music, games, challenges, face painting, and more.

Head coach Gavin said- "We hope to attract the same amount of attention from local police, news, and media outlets as what a typical news headline story would if a bike was stolen and rode down a main street. We aim to make a difference in that statistic with what we are offering here. A safe place to ride, learning the correct way to ride, and using the correct equipment. The more encouragement we have for this to save a rider's life, the better."

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