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Ride Safe Charity Ride Day

Dirt bike rider fatalities on our roads are at the highest they have been in over 5 years.

To assist with getting dirtbike riders off the streets and into a safe environment we have created the “Ride Safe” package with the collaboration of Ipswich Dirtbike hire, Willowbank MX park, and myself as a Motorcycling Australian Accredited coach.

To promote this package and get the word out about safe riding in a safe environment, we have created a day event on the 26th of March 2022 at Willowbankmx that will be encouraged by local reality tv celebrities including Love Island Australias Ryan Reid & Aaron Waters. Pro Surfer Cooper Chapman, Former NRL player Chris Walker, Instagram model influencers with 10k plus followings, and many more. These individuals have never rode a dirtbike before and will be a prime example of how to learn/ ride in a safe environment. On top of all of this, we are also organizing a fundraiser challenge for the day with a charity ride relay supported by Chris Walker & Dan Carruthers from Fund My Challenge, partnerning us up with a well aligned charity for the cause by the name of 'Youth Insearch'. Raceline Performance is attending with the team truck for our VIP set up, and mx_rowan will also be attending with his family supporting the event after Rowans major accident in 2020. There will be a heap of other entertainment, including mini bike challenges, food vans, music, and more. Head coach Gavin said- "We hope to attract the same amount of attention from local police, news and media outlets as what a fatality would on this topic, because we aim to make a difference in that statistic with what we are offering. A safe place to ride, learning the correct way to ride, and using the correct equipment. The more encouragement we have for this to save a riders life, the better."

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